Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome to the new blog!!!

I think this might be a good way to keep in touch with the group! Here are a list of the Playgroup locations for the google calendar to see many more activities for this month!!

June 4th: 3:30p - Baby Sign & Story Time @ Tierrasanta Public Library, 4985 La Cuenta Dr, San Diego, CA 92124

June 11th:  2pm- UTC park 

June 18th: 2pm-4pm Stephanie's House for Father's Day Craft

June 25th: San Diego County Fair

June 267th: Movie Night! My Sister's Keeper 
                         Time & Place: TBA

June 30th: Mom's Night Out!!


  1. Steph..I love this:)! We have D's 18 mo check up on Thurs so we can't make it this week...but see everyone next week at the park!

  2. Thanks Steph for continuing to do such a fantastic job with the calendar. This is so great for everyone to be able to create and open up playdates on days other than Thursday to everyone!! Now that I am not working I would love to do more activities during the week with anyone willing!!
    Thanks again Steph!!
    Another fabulous idea :)